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Follow our steps!


Our B&B have been renovated according to energy-saving construction and dynamic living standards:

The energy used to heat the rooms (radiant ceiling heating) and the hot sanitary water come from renewable energy source (solar source), in addition we have a high efficiency boiler.

All windows have an appropriately high thermal insulation degree, according to local climate.

Household washing machines, refrigerators and office equipment are efficiency class A.

For garden watering and laundry we use groundwater only.

In your rooms flow water reducers and two level toilet flush.

The main part of light bulbs are energy efficient (compact fluorescent lights).

Outside lights turn off automatically.

Waste separation. Adequate receptacles is provided to separate waste according local system.

Hand dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents and all purpose cleaners used by tourists have been awarded the national ecolabels.

We offer toiletries such shampoo or soap in little refillables bottles.

We use only recycled paper and refillable cartridges for printers.

So do not forget to follow these simple actions even when you will be to you.

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